Visit to learn more our project focused on helping your visually impaired and blind students succeed in competitive robotics programs. Features a PSA by John de Lancie of Star Trek fame.

Techbrick's Maryland-based program is now administered at a new website.

Please visit their site for program information.

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TRAINING MATS AT ROBOTMATS.COM  Universal Training Mats for all systems.

See resources for blinds and visually disabled students at EMPOWERMATS.COM

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This Year's Resource Page

Resources for the 2019-20 Challenge: City Shaper

Previous Resource Pages

Follow the links below to the resources from previous years on the archive site. Lots of great info! Explore the rest of the archive site, too!

Resources for the 2020-21 Cargo Connections

Resources for the 2018-19 Challenge: Into Orbit

Resources for the 2017-18 Challenge: Hydro Dynamics

Resources for the 2016-17 Challenge: Animal Allies

Resources for the 2015-16 Challenge: Trash Trek

Resources for the 2014-15 Challenges: World Class

Resources for the 2013-14 Challenges: FLL Nature's Fury & JrFLL Disaster Blaster

Resources for the FLL 2012-13 Challenge: Senior Solutions

Resources for the FLL 2011-12 Challenge: Food Factor

Resources for the FLL 2010-11 Challenge: Body Forward

Resources for the FLL 2009-10 Challenge: Smart Move: Transforming Transportation

Resources for the FLL 2008-09 Challenge: Climate Connections

Resources for the 2007-08 Challenges: Power Puzzle

Resource for the 2006-2007 Challenge: NanoQuest

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