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Brice's Cool Mission Recording Sheets  NEW!

Our current mentors keeping producing great helping tools. This is Brice's mission recording system. One sheet per mission with room for notes and pictures of the mission. Very easy for students to visualize the mission and records the key points and organize the mission for strategic runs!

One mission per sheet.

US LETTER: pdfTechBrickMissionSheets2018.pdf

UK A4: pdfTechBrickMissionSheets2018-A4.pdf

GERMAN LETTER: pdfTechBrickMissionSheets2018-Letter-DE.pdf

GERMAN A4: pdfTechBrickMissionSheets2018-A4-DE.pdf

German translation provide by Clara Scheffler of FLL 1577 in Dresden, Germany.

SPANISH LETTER:  pdfTechBrickMissionSheets2018-LETTER-ES.pdf

SPANISH A4: TechBrickMissionSheets2018-A4-ES.pdf

Traducido por Antonio Zumaquero, Entrenador y Mentor FLL en España,

TechBrick Education
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD USA

Managed by Northern Chesapeake STEM, Inc.

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