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FIRSTInspiresStats2018 Image

It's time to start sharing your program with your parents, friends, community, and sponsors.

These PowerPoint files contain:

  • Key FIRST Information
  • FIRST Principles
  • FIRST Core Values
  • FIRST Global Stats
  • FIRST Impact Info Graphic put in slide form.

PowerPoint Files

pptFIRSTInspiresStats2018-4x3.ppt (4x3 standard format)

pptFIRSTInspiresStats2018-16x9.ppt (Widescreen format)

You are free to copy, edit, modify, or otherwise use these slides for your teams.

FIRST Full Infographic

FIRST created a beatiful info-graphic, however, it cannot be easily printed unless you have access to a large format banner printer. The document size is 14" x 60" which doesn't translate into any standard size which is why we cut it up for our PPT. But you can download the full poster here:


BONUS SAMPLE KICK-OFF PPT: Each year we do a huge kickoff meeting to orient all our new students and parents (and remind returning participants) what this is all about. We are making a version our PPT in non-printable PDF format as a sample of what you can do.



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Managed by Northern Chesapeake STEM, Inc.

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