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FLLGuide2019CoverCritical Warning From FIRST LEGO League READ THIS NOW.

While it's obvious that everyone needs to become an expert on the details of the Missions below, it’s also EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for everyone, veteran teams as well as rookies, to read the OTHER THREE CRITICAL ROBOT GAME PAGES: Field Setup + Rules + Updates, and go back to them repeatedly.

The previous coache's handbook has been replaced by the "TEAM MEETING GUIDE" and "ENGINEERING NOTEBOOK" documents. Neither are available electronically. They ship in a separate box from your field kit.

Look at the benefits...

* have fewer questions
* have less rework
* have fewer surprises at tournaments
* score higher
* have more fun

* operate in a fog
* start over and lose time
* learn a lot from... referees
* lose points
* get stressed

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