image005Photos and video are the best way to communicate with your parents, sponsors, and the rest of the world.

Your goal is to make it fun, tell a story, capture the action. Freeze the moment of success, failure, and learning.

What You Must Accomplish

The founder of TechBrick Robotics has compiled an extensive guide to help you plan for, take, and manage great images of your event.

The guide is free with a simple registration and includes other bonus items including a very good Excel show planning tool. Get it here:

Your goal is simple: Tell the story well.

Along the way, you must try to get every team and participant in at least one picture if not more. Why? People love pictures of people they love. You’ll also be looking for those moments of triumph and learning and failure that illustrate the outcomes of this effort: To teach young engineers. You will be looking for smiling, engaged children and helpful adults. You will be looking for hard working, compassionate volunteers in all areas. You will be looking for innovative research and design. You will highlight the amazing facilities that schools and organizations make available to these programs. You will record the excitement of the spectators and messages of the special speakers. And you will record all that on ‘film’ to preserve the day, the outcome of months of hard work, for the teams, mentors, and parents.

And you will become an important part of the event and its success.

Just because we take billions of photos every day doesn't mean we get billion of great photos. Photography is an art, a learned skill, and a unique way to see the world.

The guide includes:image001

  • What You Must Accomplish 3
  • Maryland Organizations 4
  • Rulz 6
  • Organizing Your Shoot 7
  • Planning Your Event 11
  • Specific Shot Instructions 12
  • Basic Composition Guidelines 14
  • Justin Kase Conder: Great Images 26
  • Sorting and Editing Photos 27
  • All the Shots 28
  • Brief Notes on Shooting Video 30
  • Software Resources 31
  • Planning a ‘Day of Event’ Video 32
  • Sharing Your Work 33
  • Sample Event Videos 34
  • Sample Photos 35

The guide is free with a simple registration and includes other bonus items including a very good Excel show planning tool. Get it here:

The best way to improve your photography is to study great photographs. Justin Kase's portfolio is an astounding set of images from all over the world.

Justin1I met Justin when he was hired to photograph our family for an article in a magazine. We maintained a friendship over the years and I’ve followed his adventures as he traveled the globe covering almost every country in the world. His work is amazing, and I suggest you peruse his site and ask, for each picture, what makes this a moving, compelling, emotional image.

You can view his work here. The instagram images include many of the stories behind the photographs.

Here are two other sites with collections of great photographs:

Time Life: The Most Influential Images of All Time: 
CNN: 25 of the most iconic photographs: 

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