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State Competition Details: January 21, 2006: Important Details


  1. SAMPLE SCORING SHEET:  If you want to practice your runs we've prepared a sample scoring sheet for your teams.
    Click here for a PDF.
  2. NEW! ON THE NEWS: Look for 2 features on the Maryland FLL program to appear on FOX5 morning news the morning before the tournament, January 20, 2006. The pieces will run from 7:40 - 7:44 am and 8:40 - 8:44 am and will be shot live at the Boys & Girls Club in Bel Air. You will see some of the great kids from Maryland teams as well as some of the people who make this possible. I need to know who can join us.

    Please read below: The question is: "Do we want to get there at 7:30 instead of 8:45" to participated in the trial judging?

    One of the major tasks involved in scoring this type of competition is to normalize the scores coming out of the different judging rooms. For this tournament, we will have 7 rooms for each of the judging areas. In an effort to best prepare the judges and give them a frame a reference from which to score teams, we have decided to allow them an opportunity to see 1 team as a group. With this in mind, we have decided that each group of judges will see 1 team in the morning as a baseline. The team that they see will be selected from any team that would be interested. The procedure will be as follows: At 8:00, one volunteer team will meet with the entire group of judges for one of the judging areas. The team that volunteers for each area will go through a normal judging session with the judges for that area, presenting their research project or going through the 10 minute Q&A. The judges will then score those teams as a group. The scores that are generated through this process will not count for the tournament scoring. The participating teams will still attend their scheduled judging sessions and be scored for tournament purposes at that time. In effect, this will give 3 teams (one for each judging area) an extra practice session. Any team that would like to participate can volunteer to do so. We will choose 1 team for each judging area from those who volunteer at random. If you would like to volunteer your team, please e-mail me and specify which judging area you would like to volunteer for.
  4. NEW!  PARKING: Parking at UMBC should not be a problem. All meters and student parking lots will be open without payment. In effect, you can park in any space at UMBC unless it is marked handicapped or for employee parking.
  5. NEW!  PIT ACCESS: Pit access is limited to team members, coaches and tournament staff only. Parents, guests, spectators, etc. will not be allowed access into the pit areas.
  6. NEW!  GRACE REQUIRED: Many, many people have contributed to the Maryland FLL program this year. All of the volunteers you will see on the 21st, all of the companies who have provided the money, the folks at UMBC, and any number of other people have made this program possible. 99% of them have done it for a t-shirt and a hand-shake. Please keep this in mind when things go wrong (and when they go right) on tournament day. A thank you from one of your kids or yourself to a sponsor or volunteer would be greatly appreciated, and will go a long way in securing the future of this program in our state.
  7. IMPORTANTVOLUNTEERS NEEDED: We are still in need of some volunteers for the event. One available position is that of runners. These people will be responsible for getting the score sheets from the refs and judges to the scorekeepers. Runners should be at least 13 years old. Please let me know if anyone associated with your teams would like to help.
  8. ONLY ONE PERFECT SCORE: FYI, there has been exactly 1 perfect 400 score run in competition this year that I know of. This occurred at the Virginia event last month. Of the scores that have been reported, there are 18 times as many scores in the 100-200 point range as there are scores of 300+. So far, the most completed mission is the reef. The most commonly uncompleted mission is the artifacts. The fastest time to release the dolphin that has been reported is 1.85 seconds. This happened at the New Hampshire tournament in December.
  9. IMPORTANT FOR GUESTS: Please make sure all team members, advisors, coaches, and spectators who come to the event understand that there is no flash photography or auto-focus for still or video cameras allowed at the event. Flash photography can affect robots using light sensors and auto-focus uses infra-red detection which can trash the program on an RCX. Please let everyone associated with your team know of this restriction ahead of time. Flash photography will be allowed at the closing ceremony only. It is not to be used at any other time during the day.
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