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Competitions for 2006-2007: April 12-14, Atlanta Georgia Dome FIRST World Championship
Hundreds of Photos! Links below. Scroll down.

Read the Press Release from FIRST about Atlanta 2007 [PDF]

We competed well and learned much. Click on the photo for a larger version.

More photos below... scroll down...

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Quick Summary: More than 100 VEX teams competed this year. Our team placed as high as 9th and ended up in the middle of the rankings. They received high marks from the technical judges and many kudos from other teams. Numerous teams stopped by to see how their bot could hang from the side bar. In the end they were not selected for a final coalition team but were one of the three teams nominated for the Innovate award (the one they won in the NJ tournament). They award was given to another team with a very similar bot. Was it worth it? Yes. We have met 100's of like minded students and adults. Seeing the hard work and dedication to the tasks at hand certainly bolsters our hope for our future. There are a lot of talented, hard working young people out there to build the future.

Please review the photos below to get a feel for the excitement that is the Atlanta FIRST World Championship.

Date Event Link
Apr 11, 07 First Day: We leave Baltimore, travel to Atlanta, meet some new friends from Oregon and get a good night's sleep! View Album
Apr 12, 07 Opening day in the pit area. View Album
Apr 12, 07 Opening Ceremonies and Speakers View Album
Apr 12, 07 Initial competition rounds for TechBrick. Three rounds throughout the afternoon. View Album
Apr 12, 07 Photos from our new friends from Oregon. Their second round. View Album
Apr 12, 07 Family visits: Big Guy, Auntie Ann, Aunt Jill, Brian, Eric, Joyce Evelyn, and Mary Lynn stop by to see us. View Album
Apr 13. 07 NEW!  Some First LEGO League Photos. Though we were not involved, they show some of the overall excitement of the event. View Album
Apr 13. 07 NEW!  Our final round from the pits to field and back. View Album
Apr 13. 07 NEW!  Championship rounds. The 8 top teams each choose three others as partners. View Album
April 15, 07 NEW!  The final party and our trip home. View Album
April 15, 07 NEW!  Some FRC Robotics photos and a few shots from the closing ceremony. View Album
Apr 12, 07 NEW! VERY COOL! Cool Panorama of the Pit Area View Album
Apr 13. 07 NEW! VERY COOL! Cool Panorama from the floor of the Georgia Dome View Album
Apr 13. 07 NEW! VERY COOL! Cool Panorama of another view from the floor of the Dome View Album


Atlanta Resources

Vinny, Amy, Thomas, and Brady are ready to go and represent Maryland in Atlanta. They need your help... Click here now.
Press Release As Posted by Christian Newswire
Click here for Press Release
Main Championship Page
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Georgia Sponsors
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Our Sponsors
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Why is Atlanta exciting?
2007 FIRST Championship At-A-Glance
  • 3 simultaneous competitions
    • FIRST Robotics Competition Championship
    • FIRST LEGO® League World Festival
    • FIRST Vex Challenge World Championship
  • 6 playing fields in the Georgia Dome
  • 250,000 square feet in the Georgia World Congress Center
  • 10,000 students
  • Over 500 robots
  • 5,000 mentors
  • 500 event volunteers
  • Plus family members, teachers, VIP guests, sponsors, fans, local spectators
  • FIRST Robotics Competition
    • 340 teams
    • 8,500 high-school students
    • Game: Rack ‘N’ Roll
    • Robots are built in 6 weeks from a common kit of
      parts provided by FIRST and weigh up to 120 lbs.
  • FIRST LEGO League
    • 104 teams
    • 1,040 middle-school students
    • Challenge: Nano Quest
    • Robots are built using LEGO MINDSTORMS® technologies
  • FIRST Vex Challenge
    • 75 teams
    • 750 high-school students
    • Game: Hangin’-A-Round
    • Robots are built using the Vex® Robotics Design System


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