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Photos and Events for LEGO, Junior First LEGO and FTC/VEX Teams 2007-2008

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2007-08 Photos

June 7, 2008
SaturdayThe Great LEGO Boat Race V.  Twenty-one boats face-off for the fifth year. View the Album
May 3, 2008
FridayWe again learn to write documentation with a unique exercise.View the Album
April 19, 2008
FTCWe go to the world championships.View the Album
Mar 14, 2008ALLTechBrick FLL and FTC do demos at the MD FRC competition at the US Naval Academy event.View the Album
Mar 8, 2008
ALLTechBrick: Season in Review

We had a great year with our four teams. The video below provides the highlights in 11 minutes. If you have someone who is thinking of starting a team, have them watch this to see all the amazing activities of one season.

View the Video
Feb 23, 2008FTCTechBrick FTC Wins the 'Think' Award the MD FTC Tournament. Cool videos of our innovative lift arm.View the Album
Feb 14, 2008JFLL/FLL/FTCWe took some of our key members to the meeting to demonstrate our three programs, JFLL, FLL, and FTC. Along the way we met R2D2, too, and gave him a TechBrick hat....View the Album
Feb 9, 2008FTCTechBrick FTC Wins the 'Amaze' Award the NJ FTC TournamentView the Album
Jan 26, 2008FLL/JFLLMaryland State FLL Tournament. We win a great award!View the Album
Jan 23, 2008ALLHarford County Library LEAP Program Grand Opening Featuring all Four TechBrick TeamsView the Album
Jan 19, 2008FTCTechBrick FTC Wins the 'Innovate' Award the DE FTC TournamentView the Album
Jan 15, 2008
FLLFLL Refines the Robot Challenge and Creates Their WNRG TV Console (and Zach's toes get painted silver).View the Album
Jan 8, 2008
FLLFLL Meets on Saturday and Tuesday to Prepare for the MD TournamentView the Album
Jan 8, 2008
JFLLJFLL Prepares for the MD TournamentView the Album
Dec 18, 2007
JFLL/FLL/FTCWe Visit SURVICE Engineering in Belcamp, Maryland, to Share Our Work.View the Album
Dec 18 2007
JFLLBefore heading off to SURVICE Engineering, the JFLL team had a Christmas party.View the Album
Dec 13 2007FTCRing lifting prototype abandoned. Highly automated solution pursued.View the Album
Dec 11, 2007FLLTeam Continues Their Work and Starts with a Few Group Games. Ryan takes some pictures...View the Album
Dec 07 2007FTCContinuing to work on the robot. New drive system. Work on alignment devices.View the Album
Dec 4, 2007JFLLWe Learn with LEGO Education Mechanical KitsView the Album
Dec 4, 2007FLLContinuing Work on Presentation and ChallengeView the Album
Nov 29, 2007FTCContinuing to work on the robot. It's really hard to make ideas work well.View the Album
Nov 27 2007FLLPost-Scrimmage De-Brief and Back to WorkView the Album
Nov 17 2007FLLLansdale Catholic ScrimmageView the Album
Nov 15, 2007FTCContinuing to work on the robot. New drive system. New ring lifter.View the Album
Nov 13, 2007
FLLFinal Preparations for the Lansdale Catholic ScrimmageView the Album
Nov 6, 2007FLLThe House Gets a Roof, the Sensors Work, and We Measure Insulating HeatView the Album
Nov 6, 2007JFLLOur Teams Learn About Fossil FuelsView the Album
Nov 2, 2007FridayFourth Annual LEGO Animation Night: Five ParablesView the Movie
and Album
Oct 30, 2007FLLTwo Robots, Intense Programming, The House is RisingView the Album
Oct 25, 2007FTCAfter a scrimmage and some strategy discussion the team gets back to work.View the Album
Oct 23, 2007JFLLJFLL Teams 1 & 2 (now the Racers and Dreamers) work on wind and solar energy.View the Album
Oct 23 2007FLLResearch team begins to put floors on their model. Strategy, Building, and Programming start on their first missions.View the Album
Oct 16, 2007
FLLResearch team begins to put floors on their model. Strategy, Building, and Programming start on their first missions.View the Album
Oct 13, 2007FTCFTC competes in the Duel on the Delaware Scrimmage at Salem Community College in Carney's point NJ. Include group shot in hi-res.View the Album
Oct 11, 2007FTCThey group holds their first pizza laden big build session II.View the Album
Oct 9, 2007FLLOur strategy team brings their solutions to the building and programming groups. Research starts on an architectural model.View the Album
Oct 4, 2007FTCThey group holds their first pizza laden big build session.View the Album
Oct 2, 2007FLLNate is sick so we web cast the research project meeting.View the Album
Oct 2, 2007
JFLLJFLL name their teams and continues their research.View the Album
Sept 22, 2007FTCVideo from First State Robotics FTC QQ Demo DayView the Album
Sept 22, 2007FTCPhotos  from First State Robotics FTC QQ Demo DayView the Album
Sept 20, 2007FTCCool Bot Cam to Get a Field's Eye View of the challenge.View the Album
Sept 20, 2007FTCWeekly Meeting: Reviewing the QQ challenge.View the Album
Sept 18, 2007JFLLBi-Weekly Meeting: JFLL starts to research energy!View the Album
Sept 18, 2007FLLWeekly Meeting: The Team begins planning for the various elements of this year's challenge.View the Album
Sept 15, 2007FLLMaryland State Coaches Meeting at UMBCView the Album
Sept 14, 2007FTCPreparing for the ChallengeView the Album
Sept 12, 2007FLLReviewing the Challenge and a cool team photo.View the Album
Sept 4, 2007FLLFor our first pre-challenge announcement meeting we sorted LEGOs from last year. Too much fun!View the Album
Sept 4, 2007JFLLOur two JFLL teams met for the first time to have LEGO scavenger hunt and build some models.View the Album
Aug 14, 2007FLLOn Aug 14, 2007, FLL team 10 met to build the table elements for the Power Puzzle challenge. It looks very interesting indeed.View the Album
May 24, 2007FLLFLL Pre-Season CampView the Album

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