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Photos and Events for LEGO, Junior First LEGO and FTC Teams 2008-09

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2008-09 Season Photos

Date Program Event Link
Juen 7, 2009
Great LEGO Boat Race VI On Sunday, June 7, 2009, we held our Great LEGO Boat Race VI

55 folks attended sporting about 22 boats of various shapes and sizes. Use the navigation above to view all the photos.

View the Albums


May 5, 2009
Ohio FLL US Open On May 7-9 TechBrick Team 1 travels to Dayton, Ohio for the US Open Championship. They join 59 other top teams from 42 states. Day 1 Photos
Day 2 Morning


Apr 4, 2009
Friday Night Club On April 3, 2009, more than fifty parents and kids from our general LEGO club gathered for the LEGO Movie Night V.  We animated stories from the life of Moses. View the Album


Feb 21, 2009
FTC On Feb 21, our FTC Team (7) participated in the MD FTC Tournament and finished an award winning season with great high-scoring runs.  Jeff Tjiputra and his enthusiastic volunteers carried off a nearly perfect tournament.  Representatives form FIRST, BAE Systems, and the college addressed the teams before beginning a day of aggressive competition.Be sure to view all four pages of photos. View the Album


Feb 7, 2009
FTC On Feb 7, our FTC Team (7) participated in the NJ FTC Tournament and qualified for the final rounds. Below are photos from the event. Big thanks to Vince Frascella and his crew for a flawless tournament. View the Album


Jan 31, 2009
FLL/JrFLL On January 31, 2009, the TechBrick Tacticians (Team 1) and the TechBrick Frosty Forecasters (1809) along with our JrFLL Team, the Tiny Tornadoes, participated in the MD FLL/JrFLL Event and UMBC in Baltimore, MD. The Tacticians (Team1) won the Second Place Champion's Award. Team 1809 (Frosty Forecaster) received third place award for highest overall score and another for Research Quality. TechBrick also received the volunteer of the year award for its contribution to the MD FLL program and website. View the Album


Nov 22, 2008 FLL On November 22, 2008, our two FLL teams (1 and 1809) joined 48 other teams at Lansdale Catholic High School for the 11th Annual FLL Scrimmage. This is an invaluable opportunity to experience a full tournament setting before we head to the MD State Tournament on Jan 21, 2009. View the Album
Nov 20, 2008 FLL The 2009-10 Challenge: “Transforming Transportation” View the Album
Nov 12, 2008
FLL On Wed, November 12, twenty-one of our team members and 11 adults boarded the Lady Maryland, the flagship of the Living Classrooms Foundation in Baltimore, MD for a "Day on the Bay" View the Album
Nov 6, 2008
FLL On Thursday, November 6, five TechBrick families attended a 90 minute presentation at Johns Hopkins University on the topic of climate. Using a power point presentation, Dr. Albert Arking taught on many subjects related to climate and our environment. View the Album
Nov 5, 2008
FLL/JrFLL Our FLL and JrFLL teams continue working. We have a visit from a real physicist who challenges our assumptions on our projects. The FLL and JrFLL teams work on their custom buttons and the JrFLL kids learn about temperature. View the Album
Oct 11, 2008 FTC Five FTC Teams joined Joe Perrotto and crew for one of the first FTC scrimmages in the country. View the Album
Oct 8, 2008 FLL/FTC Both our FLL teams and our FTC team meet to continue our work on the challenge. We build our first working bots. FTC prepares for their first scrimmage. View the Album
Oct 1, 2008 FLL/FTC TechBrick FLL and FTC meet to continue their work. View the Album
Sept 14, 2008 FLL/JrFLL TechBrick FLL and JrFLL meet to continue their work. View the Album
Sept 18, 2008 All TechBrick: Sept 18:
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Sept 10, 2008 FLL Our teams meet to discuss the rules, guidelines, and table challenges. View the Album
July 2008 ALL In July 2008, a number of TechBrick members attended the grand opening of RideMakerz, a build it yourself model car shop. View the Video
Aug 27, 2008 FLL Teams 1 and 1809 join together to build their table elements and begin the work of the year. View the Album
May 29-30, 2008 FLL FLL Pre-Season Camp View the Album

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