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TechBrick Events and Happenings for 2012-13

Take a look at our photos from our previous years to see how much fun this can be...
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6/9/2013June 8-9, 2013 June 8-9, 2013: TechBrick 3941's Robot, Kelvin, Performs in a BalletTechBrick's FRC 3941's Robot, Kelvin, as asked to join the Harford County Ballet Company by invitation through Barclay Gibbs, creative director. As far as we know this the first FRC robot to ever appear in a balletClick Here for
the Story
5/4/2013MAY 4, 2013. SeaPerch!On May 4, 2013, we held an off season competition with the Sea Perch program. This is an excellent addition to your US FIRST activities. However, be warned. It is WAY harder than it looks. All of our Sea Perch teams initially said, "Easy. Done in three hours." Three weeks later we were still working on bugs and building. Just like US FIRST it teaches a wide range of skills. BOTTOM LINE: Read every line of the instructions. Do not just look at the pictures in the book. BE SURE TO SEE ALL THE COOL PHOTOS BELOW THE ARTICLE. Also, the kits are complete and you can often find local grants to pay for them. Just add water...Click Here for
the Story
4/25-28/2013APRIL 13: TECHBRICK FRC 3941 'ABSOLUTE 0 ELECTRICITY'  ATTEND THE 2013 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS. WHAT A GREAT TIME! CHECK IT OUT!Our students Sunday night at 10p, from the US FIRST Worlds Championship in St. Louis. They joined nearly 12,000 other students from 51 countries to compete in a most challenging engineering competition.  They have been working for more than five months and their work culminated in the second highest regional award, the “Engineering Inspiration Award,” which recognizes a team for the overall program that includes a great robot, outreach, training, and more. This included a $5000 grant from NASA the enabled them to travel to the competition.Click Here for
the Story
4/11-13/2013APRIL 13: TECHBRICK FRC 3941 'ABSOLUTE 0 ELECTRICITY' WINS THE ENGINEERING INSPIRATION AWARD AND AN INVITATION TO WORLDS. READ MORE NOW + PLUS THE AMAZING CHAIRMAN'S AWARD VIDEO SUBMISSION.April 11-13 a Harford County robotics team, TechBrick’s “Absolute Zero Electricity,” joined 62 other teams from the region and the country to compete in the Chesapeake Regional FRC Tournament this past weekend. FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) brings together teams of high-school age young engineers to solve complex challenges through robotics and management of what is a working small business. With a team membership of 28 TechBrick has students focused on programming, drive base, media and communications, Frisbee shooter, and more.Click Here for  the Story
3/28/2013March 28-30, 2013: FRC 3941 Participates in the DC Regional FRC TournamentFrom March 28-30 our FRC Team, Absolute Zero Electricity, participated in the 5th DC Regional at the Washington Convention Center. They joined more than 50 other teams including teams from Brazil and Israel. We competed well, scored well, and came up with tons of ideas for Baltimore. The judges loved us, our photo booth was a big hit, and we had fun giving other teams our own awards. Our housing, at Calvary Baptist Church of DCgave us some team building time that included advanced mattress building and construction and a great "Techbrick/US FIRST" Jeopardy game.Click Here for the Story
1/5/2013January 5, 2013: Maryland's APG/ATEC-HQ FLL Qualifier: TechBrick 7585-CSI and 41-LEGOCY Compete For a Seat at States: Team 41 ProceedsOn December 5, sixteen of the more than two-hundred-fifty Maryland FIRST LEGO League teams competed at the APG-ATECH-HQ ( qualifier.  The later qualifiers have more teams that have refined their work. As result, the competition was intense. In the end Team 41, Legocy, was offered a slot at the state competition on January 19th, 2013 at UMBC where they will join 72 of the best teams in the state.Click Here for the Story
12/15/2012Maryland's Digital Harbor FLL Qualifier: TechBrick 7188 Wins the Champion's Award and Proceeds to StatesOn December 15, twelve of the more than two-hundred-fifty Maryland FIRST LEGO League teams. Our Timonium-based team, the Rock-N-Rollbots, garnered high marks in all three primary scoring areas and took home the qualifier's Champion's Award. This means they proceed to the state competition on January 19th at UMBC where they will join 72 of the best teams in the state.Click Here for the Story
12/1/2012Dec 11, 2012:  We SKYPE with China and Hong KongOn December 11 we were able to hold a global conference call via SKYPE with our FLL/FTC counterparts in China and Hong Kong.
Click Here for the Story
12/9/2012December 9, 2012: FTC 7 at Sidwell Friends FTC Qualifier.On December 9, 2012, our FTC 7 team, the VOLTAGE VIPERS, competed in an early regional FTC qualifier. They scored in the autonomous missions and consistently performed in every match. The were chosen for one of the final four coalitions and finished with the Rockwell Collins Innovate Award for their work.Click Here for the Story
12/1/2012Dec 1, 2012: TechBrick and SURVICE Engineering host on of the first to FIRST LEGO League qualifiers in the state.More than 65 young engineers from seven teams braved the first qualifiers in the state. Check out the cool pics and story.Click Here for the Story
12/2/2012Join the Kerbal Space ProgramKerbal Space Program is a computer that teaches practical physics in a very unusual way. Check it out.Click Here for the Story
11/22 and 29/2012Nov 22 and 29 our teams continue to practice.All five teams continue to work on their robots and prepare for the upcoming season.Click Here for the Story
11/8/2012October 22, 2012: We Become a Stratysis 3D Printer Student-Site. How cool is this this this? Thank you!TechBrick will use the system to prototype components of the FRC and FTC robots to shorten design and concept time and save money on final materials.Click here for the story.
10/23/2012October 22, 2012: FRC/FTC/FLLFLL, FTC, and FRC Continue Working. JrFLL Starts up their team!Click here for the story.
10/16/2012Sixth 2012 Meeting with FLL, FTC, and FRC
October 16, 2012: All Four Teams Continue to Innovate and We Have Two Special Guests: Kent Paulson and our own Dr. Ron JeffreysClick here for the story.
10/13/2012FTC and FRC at Duel on the Delaware: October 13, 2012On Saturday, October 13, 2012, TechBrick's FRC and FTC teams attended the Duel on the Delaware, at Salem Community College in NJ and sponsored by MOE265. DOTD is an annual off-season scrimmage for FRC and learning session for FTC teams, many who are seeing the full size field for the first time.Click here for the story.
10/3/2012Fifth 2012 Meeting with FLL, FTC, and FRC
On Tues, October 2, 2012, TechBrick held hosted three amazing seniors who briefed our FLL teams on the challenges of old age. FTC and FRC get ready for the Duel on the Delaware, and we give you good evidence of not wearing open toe shoes to robotics practice.Click here for the story.
9/25/2012Fourth 2012 Meeting with FLL, FTC, and FRC
On Tues, Sept 25, 2012, TechBrick held its fourth 2012 meeting. This year, thanks to the generosity of SURVICE Engineering, we have ample space to spread out and house 40-50 students on our main meeting night. It is very exciting to have all four programs running at the same time and location. See captions below for comments.Click here for the story.
9/15/2012Battle of Baltimore FRC ScrimmageMore than twenty teams from high schools in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania and beyond will be on the courts for Rebound Rumble, shooting baskets with their robots and testing their balance on bridges midway between the baskets. It is an exciting and fast-paced day of fun and friendly competition in FIRST Robotics.  Check out the photos.Click here for the story.
9/11/2012LabVIEW Training with National InstrumentsOn Sept 11, 12, and 13, 2012, National Instruments, the creator of LabVIEW, provided free training for FTC/FRC mentors in the Baltimore metro area. LabVIEW is used by most FTC and FRC teams for programming their bots. LabVIEW is an enterprise application used in many industries. This training was free and you can request it, too. See the story for more information.Click here for the story.
9/4/2012Second 2012 Meeting with FLL, FTC, and FRCOn Tues, Sept 4, 2012, TechBrick held its second  2012 meeting. This year, thanks to the generosity of SURVICE Engineering, we have ample space to spread out and house 40-50 students on our main meeting night.Click here for the story.
8/28/2012First 2012 Meeting with FLL, FTC, and FRCOn Tues, August 28, TechBrick held its first 2012 meeting. This year, thanks to the generosity of SURVICE Engineering, we have ample space to spread out and house 40-50 students on our main meeting night. Click here for the story.
8/23/2012Get Mission Mars ResourcesIn 2003 the FLL Challenge was Mission Mars. With the recent interest in Mars many have been looking for the kit and mat art. Remarkably, it seems that everyone has discarded or otherwise lost their materials. Based on resources provided through the group we have recreated the art to a reasonable accuracy and are providing the game instructions. Still missing are the assembly instructions, but the game instructions have enough detail to build the elements if you are creative.Click here for the story.


8/22/2012Build a Mars RoverWith all the excitement about the Mars Science Laboratory, of course LEGOs were applied to the process. Jonathan Ciavolino, TechBrick participant for since 2005, built one from parts we had around the house. We then found a hi-res Mars photo and printed out as a backdrop. The results are stunning. Click here for the story.

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