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TechBrick Events and Happenings for 2013-14

Take a look at our photos from our previous years to see how much fun this can be...
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Jun 21, 2014 Sea Perch 2014! On June 7 and 21 more than 20 Sea Perch Teams from the Harford/Baltimore county area joined to compete in our third annual Sea Perch Competition. Special thanks to Army Research Labs for funding the kits and the event. Click here for the Story
Dec 11, 2013 Check out the most awesome book: LEGO SPACE Whether you are 8 minutes old or 108 year old you won't be able to put this book down. Yet another amazing dedicated group of LEGO fans creates a dizzying array of cool LEGO ships and space constructions. Click here for the Story
Dec 7, 2013 TechBrick hosts one of the first FLL Qualifiers in MD. 11 amazing teams, 30+ mentors,  48 volunteers and 100's of spectators all joined to produce a flawless qualifier with lots of action. We suggest you read the summaries below and then take some time to view the 9 pages of amazing pics.  Read and see their story. Click here for the Story
Nov 26, 2013 Be inspired. Check out our 13 logos. Each year we try to make our teams looks great (see our New Teams PPT). Here are this year's logos. Click here for the Story
Nov 7, 2013 Week of Nov 7. All teams are hard at work. This week all our teams are hard at work. Four of our FLL teams are in a Dec 7, 2013 qualifier with only a few weeks to go. Our other teams continue to prepare for the new season. Four of our teams meet offsite and Marco went to visit them. They drew a great welcome sign for him. Click here for the Story
Oct 31, 2013 Danielle in Italy Our amazing former FRC member, Danielle, is taking her first semester in Italy. She is taking FRC 3941 to Italy and Greece in some surprising places. Check it out. Click here for the Story
Oct 29, 2013 Tues Practice Our onsite teams continued their work. FLL had some major successes with robots that ran and did some missions. FTC worked on their field and bot. FRC's subteams started on a number of preparatory tasks including breaking down our old robot (very sad), working on sensors, and this year theme. Click here for the Story
Oct 21, 2013 NI Days in Washington, DC On Monday, Oct 21, 2013, TechBrick was invited to provide a display at the National Instruments NI Days in Washington DC. Ananya, Ashley, Amos, Ignacio, Jonathan, and Alexandra, along with Marco and Tim, staffed our booth. Throughout the day they spoke to many industry leaders and executives with energy and enthusiasm. In fact, Marco and Tim largely watched because of how well our students communicated our work. Click here for the Story
Oct 19, 2013 Duel on the Delaware On Saturday, October 19, 2013 TechBrick's FRC and FTC teams attended the Duel on the Delaware, at Salem Community College in NJ and sponsored by MOE265. DOTD is an annual off-season scrimmage for FRC and learning session for FTC teams, many who are seeing the full size field for the first time. Click here for the Story
Sept 21, 2013 Battle o Baltimore at Boy's Latin On Sept 21, 2013, TechBrick's FRC 3941 team and FTC 4234 Team participated in an off-season scrimmage and demo day. 30 regional FRC teams gathered to place this year's game. These events are designed to give the teams many more opportunities to compete and drive the robot with extended rounds and finals. Click here for the Story
Sept 17, 2013 Sept 17 Practice at APG / SEOC and Outdoors!
Our Forest Hill, MD Teams had an awesome outdoor practice and the onsite teams began the hard work of the upcoming season. Click here for the Story
Sept 19, 2013 TechBrick members and alums form a film production company. TechBrick students have wide-ranging interests. We have students writing and performing music, doing mime, performing Shakespeare, and dozen on other amazing pursuits. One group of students, many of whom have been responsible for TechBrick's amazing videos, have formed a full film production company. They have incorporated and sought permission to from Lucas Films to produce the story. Take a look at their Kickstarter site, watch the trailers and videos, and if you are a Star Wars fan, consider a contribution of any amount. Click here for the Story
Sept 19, 2013 Danielle in Rome Danielle, multi-year TechBrick FTC and FRC team member has started her first semester of college in Rome. Her work with TechBrick helped her land a job last summer with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Harford County and is wearing her STEM shirt all over Rome. Of course we are trying to get her to open an Italian office of TechBrick. But she insists on returning to Maryland after this semester. Click here for the Story
Sept 10, 2013 Our Third  Meeting at APG STEM Outreach Center FLL continues on field work, FTC works on initial strategy, and FRC continues to organize their work space and team assignments. Click here for the Story
Sept 3, 2013 Our Second Meeting at APG STEM Outreach Center is Great Fun Our three on-site FLL teams started on building their field kits. Our very nice UPS man showed up way early and delivered all our kits. Mats and Kits and EV3s, oh my! Note that is one of the most complex field set ups in recent history. So allocate lots of time. Our other three FLL teams are meeting off-site in homes and churches along with our JrFLL teams. Our FTC Teams met with their full membership to begin to plan the year. With the challenge launch on Sept 12, the are focused on digging in to the new season. Our FRC team began a number of pre-season planning tasks by assigning roles and electing new officers. And in case we need help our building has one of the coolest buttons ever. Click here for the Story
Aug 27, 2013 Aug 27, 2013: We Kick Off the Season with our Largest Group Ever. Wow! More than 100 students and about 60 adults joined together for our big kick off night.  JrFLL/FLL reviewed the amazing challenge. FTC/FRC prepped for the season meeting new member and doing team building exercises.  Click here for the Story
Aug 9, 2013 Aug 9 Open House a Great Success On Aug 9, 2013, TechBrick held its first open house at our new facility on Aberdeen Proving Ground. We have about twice the number of expected attendees with huge interest in all four programs. Bill Duncan from MD FIRST was here to discuss the state-wide programs. Each of teams shared their experiences with prospective members. Chris and Marco addressed the overflow crowd before opening the facility for tours. Click here for the Story
July 31, 2013 Ironbirds First Pitch with a  Frisbee On July, 31, 2013, Techbrick Robotics and their World Championship FRC 3941 Robot, KELVIN, shot out the first pitches at the Aberdeen Ironbirds' game ( at Ripken Stadium in Aberdeen, MD ( We calibrated the shooter to fire exactly 45 feet from in front of the mound to the catcher. As far as we know it's the first Frisbee first-pitch in US FIRST history. If you have a local MLB farm team near you ask them if you can do the same. It's great fun and a great outreach to the community.  Click here for the Story

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